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Welcome to RhythmBot -- a fun, interactive approach to learning rhythm. RhythmBot is created by Kyle Coughlin. This site will teach you about rhythm and help you develop and improve your rhythm skills. If you are looking for a simple explanation of rhythm, please check out A Basic Introduction to Rhythm. It explains the topic with written examples, audio examples, and some interactive exercises, too.

Also, you can play RhythmBot. Visit that page for an interactive version of RhythmBot that allows you to play 19 different drum and percussion instruments.

This site will soon offer exercise books to help you improve your rhythm skills. Please come back soon for more information.

Also, make sure to visit RhythmBot’s friend, MetronomeBot. MetronomeBot has many different metronomes, several of which speak the beat.

A Basic Introduction to Rhythm

Play RhythmBot


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