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Beginning Clarinet Songbook

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Beginning Clarinet Songbook
Lesson 4, Song 3

The Little Blue Elf

The Little Blue Elf


The Little Blue Elf with little blue mittens
Went to the store to buy some blue kittens.
The man at the store said, “I'm sorry to say,
We just gave our little blue kittens away.”

Actually, it was for the best that there were no kittens, because the Little Blue Elf eventually found out that he is allergic to kittens. So he got a little blue dog instead.

The Little Blue Elf enjoys playing Christmas duets with Clarobotoo and his friends.

Helpful Suggestions

Sound: This piece includes the pitches C through A in the lower register. You can find the fingerings here.

Clarinet Fingering Chart

Rhythm: Your time signature is three-four time, which means that there are three beats in a measure and the quarter note is equal to one beat.
It will help to play along with MetronomeBot's talking metronome in triple meter.
This piece consists of quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes, and whole rests. Remember to count the whole rests for a full 3 beats. Use MetronomeBot to help you count the notes and rests correctly.

MetronomeBot Talking Metronome in Three

Melody: This piece consists of 4, four-measure phrases. There is no need for breath marks since it is obvious that you should breathe where the whole rests occur.


Purchase the Beginning Clarinet Songbook, Volume 1
Purchase the Beginning Clarinet Songbook, Volume 1

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