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Beginning Clarinet Songbook

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Beginning Clarinet Songbook
Lesson 8, Song 5

Clarobotoo Sails Over the Sahara at Sunset

Clarobotoo Sails Over the Sahara at Sunset


Clarobotoo promised the dolphins that he would travel to the desert to see what it is like. He figured that if he was going to see a desert, it might as well be the biggest desert in the world, so he flew to the Sahara which is located in the northern part of Africa. It is huge, hot, dry, and barren, but it has its own unique beauty. It is so different from Clarobotoo's home that he was fascinated by the contrast. He made sure to take lots of pictures to show the dolphins.

Helpful Suggestions

Sound: This piece has a range of A through open G. You can find the fingerings here.
When you play this song, make sure that each phrase gets softer, starting at forte, then mezzo forte, then mezzo piano, and then piano, as Clarobotoo sails over the Sahara into the sunset.

Clarinet Fingering Chart

Rhythm: Your time signature is four-four time, which means that there are four beats in a measure and the quarter note is equal to one beat. To improve your rhythm, play along with the Talking MetronomeBot in quadruple meter and tap your foot to the beat.
This song includes quarter notes, dotted half notes, and whole notes.

MetronomeBot Talking Metronome in Four

Melody: This piece consists of 4, four-measure phrases. Breathe deeply where it is marked.

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