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Beginning Clarinet Songbook

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Beginning Clarinet Songbook
Lesson 15, Song 4

The Happy Dance of Clarobotoo and Flopsy the Whimsical Clown

The race was over and Clarobotoo and Flopsy celebrated by doing a happy dance, playing some duets together, and eating two of the pies. (Clarobotoo saved one of the pies to throw at Flopsy’s clown friends for putting red-clown-nose polish in Flopsy’s engine.) Clarobotoo enjoyed playing with his new red clown nose that plays melodies by Mozart. Flopsy was very happy to receive a new metal clarinet, even though he didn't win.
It was an exciting race and both Clarobotoo and Flopsy got to see many things. They learned several lessons, too. Clarobotoo was reminded that “slow and steady wins the race.” Flopsy was reminded that it's always good to check your engines before you begin, because your clown friends may have played a practical joke on you. They both had a grand time and looked forward to many new adventures.

Helpful Suggestions

Sound: This piece has a range of B to A. You can find the fingerings here. There are two dynamic markings at the beginning: mezzo forte and forte, and they are separated by a dash. This marking means that the first time through the piece you should play at a medium loud volume, and when you repeat it after the first ending, you should play it loudly.

Clarinet Fingering Chart

Rhythm: Your time signature is four-four time, which means that there are four beats in a measure and the quarter note is equal to one beat. Playing along with Talking MetronomeBot in quadruple meter will help you maintain a steady tempo and play accurate note values.
This song includes eighth notes, quarter notes, dotted quarter notes, half notes, and quarter rests.

MetronomeBot Talking Metronome in Four

Melody: This piece consists of 4, four-measure phrases. All of the notes are tongued in this song.

Harmony: The Happy Dance of Clarobotoo and Flopsy the Whimsical Clown is in the key of C major. There are no sharps or flats and no accidentals.

Form: This song includes first and second endings. Play from the beginning to the repeat sign at the end the first ending (measure 8). Then go back to the beginning and play the first six measures again. When you get to the bracket where the first ending occurs (at the end of measure 6), jump to the second ending and play that section to the end of the song. Keep a steady tempo and don't pause at any of the repeats or section changes.
Remember that the first time through the piece the dynamic is mezzo forte and the second time through the piece the dynamic is forte.

The Duets that Clarobotoo and Flopsy Played After the Race
The Duets That Clarobotoo and Flopsy the Whimsical Clown Played After the Race

After the race was over, Clarobotoo and Flopsy played several duets (which are found at the end of the lesson). Flopsy definitely needs to work on his technique (his hand position needs improvement), but he is taking lessons with Clarobotoo and is becoming a better musician every day!


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