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Beginning Clarinet Songbook

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Beginning Clarinet Songbook
Lesson 2, Song 6

Clarobotoo's Flying Car

Clarobotoo's Flying Car

Clarobotoo's flying car, the "CFC 2010," is an exciting new invention. It has 10 sound sensors on the side of the body that pick up the vibrations produced by all of the clarinet players in the world. Those vibrations are converted into the energy which fuels the CFC 2010. Therefore, the more you practice, the more vibrations there are to fuel Clarobotoo's car, and the more adventures he can have! If you practice every day, you and Clarobotoo will go a long, long way. To find out more about Clarobotoo and his flying car, visit his website,

Helpful Suggestions

Sound: This piece includes the pitches C, D, and E in the lower register. You can find the fingerings here.

Clarinet Fingering Chart

Rhythm: Your time signature is four-four time, which means that there are four beats in a measure and the quarter note is equal to one beat.
This song includes quarter notes, half notes, and one half rest. Count carefully and use MetronomeBot's talking metronome in quadruple meter to help you play this song accurately.

MetronomeBot Talking Metronome in Four

Melody: Clarobotoo's Flying Car is composed of 2, four-measure phrases, plus an added two-measure tag at the end. Since this piece is in four-four time, the phrases will seem longer, so breathe deeply. Try to breathe only where it is marked.
This song is the first one in the book that has breath marks that are not placed on a rest. To play this song accurately, you must cut short the half note at the end of measure 4. Cut the half note short and breathe deeply, but make sure that the phrase starting in measure 5 is right on time. MetronomeBot will help you keep your place.

Clarobotoo recommends Flopsy the Whimsical Clown's Pitch Name Games.

Flopsy the Whimsical Clown's Pitch Name Games
Have Fun!

Side View of Clarobotoo's Flying Car

Side view of Clarobotoo's flying car. The sound sensors are the small circles behind the wings.


Purchase the Beginning Clarinet Songbook, Volume 1
Purchase the Beginning Clarinet Songbook, Volume 1

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