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Beginning Clarinet Songbook

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Welcome to the Beginning Clarinet Songbook

Lesson 11: Sound
New Note with Accidentals
F sharp and B flat

Follow the links below for more information on each song, as well as pictures and helpful links.

Song #1: Klara Nett's Morning Song

Song #2: I Like Chocolate Cake

Song #3: Flopsy the Whimsical Clown's Car Stalls Shortly After the Race Begins

Song #4: Clarobotoo Flies High Over the Appalachian Mountains

Song #5: The Busy Bee

Song #6: The Tunnel of Gold

The elements of music in Lesson 11:

Sound: Pitches used in this lesson: Low G through B flat
Dynamics used in these pieces: forte, mezzo forte, mezzo piano, and piano
Accidentals: flats and sharps
Rhythm: Time signatures used in this lesson: two-four, three-four, four-four
Note values used in this lesson: eighth notes, eighth rests, quarter notes, quarter rests, half notes, half rests, dotted half notes, whole notes, and whole rests
Melody: phrases, breath marks, slurs

Accidentals are symbols in music that indicate a change in pitch. In this lesson we will learn the flat sign, which indicates that the pitch is moved downward by a half step and the sharp sign, which indicates that the pitch is moved upward by a half step. Here is what each accidental looks like:

Accidentals: the flat and the sharp signs

Accidentals always occur on the left side of a note, and they are good for the remaining part of the measure in which they occur.

Our new notes are F sharp, and two different B flat pitches.

Here are the fingerings for each note:

Clarinet fingering for F sharp Clarinet Fingering Chart
Clarinet Fingering for B flat
Flopsy the Whimsical Clown's Pitch Name Games
Clarinet fingering for low B flat

For the exact fingerings of all clarinet pitches please visit
The site includes online, interactive fingering charts, as well as printable fingering charts.

To learn these notes and improve how quickly you respond to them, play Flopsy the Whimsical Clown's Name the Pitch Games.

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For more educational tools for the clarinet, please visit and

Thank you.
Kyle Coughlin

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