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Follow the links below to use any of the metronomes.

The Sleigh Bell Metronome

Single Beat Metronomes

Basic metronomes that produce one sound for each beat. Includes a wooden clave sound and also a sleigh bell metronome!

Talking Metronomes

Talking Metronomes

In these metronomes, MetronomeBot talks in duple, triple, and quadruple meters. They are good for learning complicated rhythms and for making sure that you always know where you are in any given measure. They are also great for beginner students who are are just learning rhythms.

Clicking Metronomes in Different Meters

Clicking Metronomes in Different Meters

These metronomes produce high clicks and low clicks in different meters so you can practice playing in different time signatures. They do the same thing as the talking metronomes, but with clicks instead of words.

Subdividing Metronomes

Subdividing Metronomes

These clicking metronomes subdivide the beat into two, three, and four equal sections. They can be used for learning eighth notes, triplets, and sixteenths. They are also very helpful for fine tuning difficult rhythms.

Metronome MP3 Files

Metronome MP3 Files

Turn your iPod into a clicking or talking metronome! Get MP3 files of the MetronomeBot metronomes that you can load onto your iPod or MP3 player.

Helpful Information

Metronome Information and Help

Helpful ideas and information on using your metronome.


Rhythm in Music

A thorough introduction to the fundamentals of rhythm, with definitions and explanations of beat, tempo, meter, note values, and more. The site accompanies The Fundamentals of Rhythm, by Kyle Coughlin, and includes audio examples to help you learn rhythm and improve your skills.

Old MetronomeBot links:

Basic clicking metronome
Sleigh bell metronome

Talking metronome in two
Talking metronome in three
Talking metronome in four

Duple subdivision metronome
Triple subdivision metronome
Quadruple subdivision metronome

Metronome in duple meter
Metronome in triple meter
Metronome in quadruple meter

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