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Talking Metronomes

Talking Metronome in Duple Meter
Talking Metronome in Triple Meter
Talking Metronome in Quadruple Meter

The talking metronome is a great practice tool in many ways. It speaks every beat of every measure, so for beginner students it is an excellent way to learn rhythms and count accurately. The talking metronome also provides students with a good introduction to metronome use.

It is especially helpful for wind players who cannot physically “speak” the beat of every measure while they are playing (because they have a mouthpiece in their mouth). By listening to the talking metronome you can hear every beat and make sure that you are in the right place at the right time.

Talking metronomes are great for clapping and counting rhythms, too. Hearing someone count the beat with you will help you feel more confident in counting your rhythms.

Also, playing with a talking metronome helps students practice more carefully. With the talking metronome, you have to enter on the appropriate beat. It forces students to listen more carefully to the metronome and makes them aware of the placement of each beat of the measure.

The talking metronome is an excellent way to practice pickup notes, too. It ensures that you enter the music on the right beat of the pickup measure.

Learn about rhythm and how to subdivide the beat, and improve your skills:

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