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Single Beat Metronomes

Single Beat Clicking Metronome

Single Click Metronome

This metronome is a simple clicking metronome that produces a wooden clave sound on each beat.

The Sleigh Bell Metronome

The Sleigh Bell Metronome

Great for the holiday season. Play your favorite Christmas carols or holiday songs along with a metronome that produces the sound of sleigh bells.

MetronomeBot's Practice Tips:

Clap and count the beat. Regularly clapping your rhythms while counting the beat will help your rhythm skills significantly.

Practice at a slow and effortless tempo. Doing so will help you learn your music accurately. When you feel comfortable playing your music effortlessly and accurately, gradually increase the tempo.

Record yourself when practicing and listen back to your performance. You can hear yourself much more clearly by recording yourself, and you can determine whether or not you are playing with the beat.

If you are having trouble learning a piece of music accurately, try these practice tips.

Learn about rhythm and improve your skills:

Visit and get The Fundamentals of Rhythm Book by Kyle Coughlin.
The book and website include explanations of all basic rhythm terms and note values with over 450 practice patterns to help you develop your rhythm skills and improve your sight-reading.


Single Beat Metronomes

Talking Metronomes

Subdividing Metronomes

Clicking Metronomes in Different Meters

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