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Name the Pitch Game

Game 8, Level 2
Flopsy the Whimsical Clown's Ultimate Low Register Challenge

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This game focuses on the all of the notes of the low register. Make sure to get to the end to see Flopsy dance to the Flopsy Polka. After you complete this game, try the Marathon Challenge.

Follow the directions below to play the game. You will have approximately two seconds to identify each pitch. If you need more time, Level 1 is slower. Once you pass Level 2, move on to Level 3, which is the fastest. You must have Adobe Flash Player to play the game.

To see the fingerings for these notes and all the other notes on the clarinet, see our fingering charts.
Back to the main flash card page for clarinet notes.

Game 8, Level 1
Game 8, Level 3
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