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Sormelharf Home > Rhythm > Clapping and Counting Quarter Rests

An Introduction to Performing Rhythms

Part 2: Clapping and Counting Quarter Rests

Now let’s add some quarter rests to our patterns. When the quarter note is equal to one beat, the quarter rest is also equal to one beat. While clapping rhythms that involve rests, bring your hands apart on each rest. Even though the rests indicate silence, you should still count the beats that include rests. MetronomeBot will count a full measure before each example begins.

Always remember that the first rhythmic value in a measure starts on beat one. Each of the following examples begin with a rest on the first beat of the measure.

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Part 1: Clapping and Counting Quarter Notes
Part 2: Quarter Rests
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Part 4: Dotted Half Notes and Whole Notes
Part 5: Half Rests
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Sormelharf Home > Rhythm >Clapping and Counting Quarter Rests

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