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Rhythm can be described as the organization of music as it moves through time. There are many different aspects of rhythm and several different terms that we can use to define and describe it. RhythmBot will help us learn about the basics of rhythm in this section of the website.

A Basic Introduction to Rhythm
Part 1: The Beat
Part 2: Tempo
Part 3: Rhythmic Notation
Part 4: Meter
Part 5: Time Signatures and Note Values
Part 6: Rests
Part 7: Longer Note Values

An Introduction to Performing Rhythms
Part 1: Clapping and Counting Quarter Notes
Part 2: Quarter Rests
Part 3: Half Notes
Part 4: Dotted Half Notes and Whole Notes
Part 5: Half Rests
Part 6: Whole Rests


Visit RhythmBot.

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